Rafael Advanced Defense Systems purchased a vacuum titanium casting furnace from SECO/WARWICK for UPC Precision Castings, an investment casting foundry in Israel. According to the furnace manufacturer, this is the first furnace of this type on the Israeli market. The single-chamber furnace is equipped with a hot (ceramic) and cold (copper) crucible. Melting processes of up to 40 kg of superalloys, mainly nickel-based, can be carried out in the ceramic crucible. The copper crucible melts 10 kg of titanium at a time. The furnace’s three-stage vacuum system allows it to obtain high vacuum in the range of 10-5 mbar. The solution is also equipped with a mold heater.

The furnace makes it possible for UPC Precision Castings to obtain high-quality titanium castings and quickly respond to the changing needs of its customers. The company did not previously use vacuum technology, but this furnace will significantly expand its foundry capabilities. UPC Precision Castings manufactures machine parts and components for the aviation and defense sectors. It is a leading partner with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.