IHEA has a new member company. MP Combustion is a regional leader in the supply and support of industrial combustion equipment for process-heating applications.

The Cincinnati, Ohio-based company takes pride in its field expertise and in the fact that it not only distributes parts but also provides application solutions and technical support. MP Combustion is hon-ored to join the ranks of the esteemed companies and individuals that make up IHEA and will gladly join them in promoting the interests the industry.

“MP Combustion has worked hard to provide Star Combustion with timely answers, fast pricing and overall excellent customer service,” said Andrew JH Kemppainen, managing director of Star Combus-tion Systems LLC. “When we need help getting the vendors they represent to ship an order out, they fight on our behalf to make sure we get our shipments on time. When they can’t get a shipment out, they provide us with honest answers and practical alternatives. When we have questions, their tech-nical expertise is second to none. They are hands down the best distributor we work with.”

Despite being a new company, MP Combustion is not new to the world of combustion. Ryan McClain and Justin Powell started MP Combustion in 2019 after leaving their respective jobs at Honeywell Thermal Solutions and Heat Equipment and Technology. Their combined 35 years of combustion in-dustry experiences prepared them for the technical and commercial requirements of the new business. From the start, MP Combustion established key partnerships with world-class vendors, and the com-pany leverages those relationships to do whatever is in the best interest of its customers. MP Com-bustion acts as a conduit between the customer and the manufacturers to provide great solutions and application expertise.

“We have relied on Ryan and now the folks at MP Combustion for years,” said Ben Mueller, senior project manager, The Dupps Company. “I am always impressed with their adept customer service and ability to provide parts and specialist hands-on service in critical times of need. They are a real asset to our product and service portfolio.”


The MP Combustion team works hard to be a trusted resource to its customers and a valuable partner to their principles. The customer service team is the backbone of these efforts. The two CSRs, Sharon Mirande and Karen Krabacher, understand the need for timely responses with accurate information. They fill many other important roles too, keeping the customers happy and the MP engine running smoothly.

Sales engineers Adam Cook and Eddy Pappalardo round out the current team. They join McClain and Powell in providing estimates, project management and technical support. Understanding the count-less combustion applications, component functions and specs is a daunting task, but these two are not afraid of any challenge.

MP Combustion will be in a new office space in the near future. The company will be moving to 5825 Creek Road in Blue Ash, Ohio. The larger space will facilitate continued growth in two primary ways. First, the new space has greater warehousing capacity, which will be stocked with more strategic in-ventory. The strategy to increase inventory will help reduce the supply-chain struggles that most cus-tomers are experiencing. MP Combustion is even stocking configured burners and valves that can be modified as needed. Second, the new space will include a large shop floor that will allow for the con-struction and assembly of custom equipment.

“MP Combustion has provided me and Super Systems a great resource of knowledge and support. With real hands-on experience, they can direct me in great detail on troubleshooting and support,” said Chris Davidson, senior project engineer, Super Systems Inc. “Additionally, they have the knowledge and resources to understand how to maintain existing systems and update to modern NFPA codes.”

Visit www.mpcombustion.com for more information on MP Combustion.  

All images provided by IHEA.