Yazici Transfer Makina Co. of Turkey added a Nitrex nitrocarburizing system to its Istanbul facility to increase the manufacturing capacity of tooling and machinery components for its precision CNC machines. The company started production with the new system in fall 2021. It is used for Nitreg-C nitrocarburizing and ONC in-process oxidation treatments. According to Yazici Transfer Makina, these processes improve the wear and corrosion properties of alloy and carbon steel parts. This is the company’s second Nitrex furnace. The first went into operation in 2019.

“In the beginning, Yazici Transfer Makina was relying on a very well-known commercial heat treater from the Turkish market to nitrocarburize the parts it needed,” said Utku Inan, a Nitrex representative in Turkey. “But now the company has moved heat-treating operations in-house, purchasing its own systems to nitrocarburize metal parts, which saves the company on lead time and transportation costs.”

Yazici Transfer Makina operates in the fastener, button, needle and pin manufacturing sector. According to Canada’s Nitrex, Nitreg-C nitrocarburizing is an environmentally friendly alternative to salt-bath nitrocarburizing.