Ipsen recently installed a vacuum furnace at Temprasud, a commercial heat treater in Fresagrandinaria, Italy. According to Temprasud, the vacuum hardening and low-pressure carburizing furnace will increase its production capacity and offer customers greater flexibility. The furnace, which has a 1,764-pound (800-kg) load capacity, will also help Temprasud grow its business in the automotive market and allow it to expand into the aerospace market.

This is the second Turbo2Treater in use at Temprasud’s facility. The first Turbo2Treater was purchased in 2017 and allowed the company to expand services, improve part quality and reduce cycle times. According to Temprasud, the furnace produces parts with optimal hardness, bright surfaces and minimum distortion. The commercial heat treater also has two Ipsen VDR furnaces for nitriding and nitrocarburizing installed at its plant.