SECO/WARWICK delivered a roller-hearth furnace to global bearing manufacturer NSK. The furnace, which will spheroidize anneal rings for the bearing industry, will be installed at the company’s plant in Kielce, Poland. The entire automated process line consists of a loading table with a drive, loading elevators with side handling, heating chambers, controlled cooling chambers, cooling tunnels, unloading elevators and tables. It also includes a control cabinet with a complete automated visualization system that provides comprehensive control over the production process. The process line, which is built around the roller-hearth furnace, is intended to be used for the heat treatment of workpieces following downstream processes that are then assembled into bearings used in the automotive sector. 

This is the second delivery of this type of system to NSK. The first line featuring a SECO/WARWICK roller-hearth furnace has been operating in the Kielce factory for seven years.