Tenova was awarded two contracts by Tenaris, a manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes, for its mill in Dalmine, Italy. Both contracts are related to the steelmaker’s investment in special steel production. The Dalmine project is divided into three phases, two of which will be supplied by Tenova. The first phase consists of a meltshop ladle furnace that will be used for secondary metallurgical treatment of the liquid steel. Tenova will design and supply a heat-treatment furnace for special steel bars for the second phase of the project. This movable-hood-type furnace is specifically designed to charge very large bars 12 meters (39 feet) long. It is equipped with 34 hydrogen-ready self-recuperative burners capable of using up to 100% hydrogen as a fuel source.

With this investment, Dalmine will produce high-grade special steel resistant to corrosion in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide environments. The special steel products will be used for renewable energy technologies such as geothermal wells. Tenova’s equipment will start production within the first half of 2022.