Qatar Aluminium Extrusion CO. (Qalex) received a second nitriding system from Nitrex. The aluminum profiles manufacturer wanted to equip a second extrusion plant with an independent nitriding furnace to save on handling, processing time and costs associated with having to transport extrusion dies back and forth from its first factory for nitriding work. The furnace is equipped with process technology designed for nitriding extrusion dies. Installation and start-up were completed in January 2022.

Marcin Stokłosa, project manager at Nitrex Poland, said, “In 2021, Qalex boosted the company’s production capacity with the acquisition of a second factory in Qatar dedicated to aluminum extrusion manufacturing and equipped with two extrusion presses. They knew they couldn't nitride all dies from both factories in one furnace. What Qalex ordered is an exact copy of its first Nitrex installation – an identical configuration with the same furnace model, size and process technology.”