TAV Vacuum Furnaces produced a horizontal vacuum brazing furnace for a global manufacturer. The furnace, which has a maximum temperature of 2462°F (1350°C), was developed to braze plate heat exchangers and tailored to the company’s specific requirements. It has two loading zones, a platform on top for easy maintenance and a soundproof cabinet for vacuum pumps. Seven independently controlled heating zones, together with the wide surfaces of the heating elements, allow for fast and uniform heating ramps and shorter cycles. A graphite thermal chamber placed on supports allows for easy extraction in case of maintenance.

Control instrumentation includes a SCADA system to provide comprehensive monitoring and control of the furnace, an over-temperature controller, and a PLC that checks both the furnace components and the cycle. The furnace is configured according to the Industry 4.0 requirements. TAV engineers can remotely monitor the control system by an Internet connection.