IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. launched copper-alloy casting at its new and expanded copper-alloy foundry facility in Franklin, Ind. The launch of production at the new facility marks the completion of a two-year consolidation of three production facilities into a single vertically integrated manufacturing operation dedicated to producing copper and copper-alloy products. IBC invested approximately $6 million to expand and modernize its Franklin facility and consolidate its former Missouri and Pennsylvania foundries to the new plant. The consolidation is expected to generate efficiencies and production cost savings for the Copper Alloys Division and enable the division to expand production.

IBC successfully produced several 2-ton billets of beryllium-copper alloy material at the expanded Franklin plant, including the first billet of beryllium-copper alloy (Fig. 1). IBC then processed these billets by cutting, forging, heat treating and machining into a range of custom alloy products for customers in industries such as electronics, oil and gas, automotive, defense and aerospace.