Air Products will build, own and operate a 10-metric-ton/day facility to produce green liquid hydrogen in Casa Grande, Ariz. The zero-carbon liquid hydrogen facility is expected to be on-stream in 2023. Its product will be sold to the hydrogen-for-mobility market in California and other locations requiring zero-carbon hydrogen. The facility will use two Thyssenkrupp nucera electrolyzers to produce gaseous hydrogen, which will be converted to liquid hydrogen using Air Products’ proprietary technology.

Air Products’ production process eliminates carbon by powering the entire facility with zero-carbon renewable power. The facility will include advanced compression technology supplied through the Baker Hughes strategic alliance to feed the liquefier. This compression technology is also being used for Air Products’ previously announced net-zero hydrogen production complex in Alberta, Canada.

California has taken steps to aggressively decarbonize its transportation sector, the largest emissions sector in its economy, through conversion to zero-emission vehicles. The state has also set a goal that all drayage trucks be zero emissions by 2035 and heavy-duty vehicles convert to zero-emission vehicles by 2045. Hydrogen is an essential part of decarbonizing the transportation sector. Hydrogen fuel cells are gaining momentum as the technology of choice compared to batteries in heavy-duty applications due to faster refuel times, longer range and larger payloads.