Celsa Group, a manufacturer of steel long products, fired an ultra-low-emission reheating furnace for new wire-rod rolling mill in the Celsa France complex. The reheating furnace, built and supplied by Fives, has a capacity of 120 metric tons per hour and is designed to charge hot billets of different sections and lengths directly from the caster at 1472°F (800°C). The final products, wire rods and bars, will serve the region’s construction market. The furnace includes complete digital on/off control and heat curve control for optimum combustion with the billet discharge surface temperature at 2138°F (1170°C).

The new complex is located in the municipalities of Boucau and Tarnos of the New Aquitaine region of France and specializes in the production of steel billets from the recovery of scrap. According to Fives, this is the first walking-beam furnace for billet reheating installed in France over the last 40 years.

Celsa Group previously ordered overall six Stein Digit@l furnaces for its plants in Spain and Poland.