Effective immediately, C3 Data’s real-time pyrometry compliance status can directly inform Bluestreak, a heat-treat manufacturing execution system (MES) and quality management system (QMS), whether parts about to be loaded into a specific furnace meet AMS 2750 compliance. This collaboration enables two informational platforms to work in unison, effectively eliminating human-error-prone (manual) processes associated with pyrometry compliance. Since Bluestreak is already used by many heat treaters, operators will have the C3 pyrometry compliance connected to Bluestreak in real-time.

Both Bluestreak and C3 Data built their solutions designed specifically for the heat-treatment industry. Bluestreak is used by heat treaters for quoting and sales, work-order entry and management, scheduling of jobs, production control and real-time job-step tracking, quality management, compliance assurance, and documentation control. C3 Data provides a software platform built specifically for the thermal-processing industry to help ensure furnace compliance to any number of industry pyrometry requirements.

According to Bluestreak, its integrated QMS ties quality control and quality assurance directly to production work centers, individual operator accountability and equipment maintenance and management, including furnaces.