Tenaris is planning to restart its heat-treatment and finishing lines at its Koppel, Pa., steel mill to streamline the flow of seamless product at its facilities in the northeast. The heat-treatment line, which had been inactive during the 2020 downturn, gives pipe their required metallurgical properties for enhanced performance in oil and gas wells. It started producing steel in June 2021 following a yearlong investment of more than $15 million. 

Tenaris will also invest approximately $3.5 million to perform updates in IT and automation systems, nondestructive testing equipment and maintenance activities to ensure equipment on the line is ready for an April 2022 start. The company is looking to hire about 75 employees to run the heat-treatment and finishing lines, which are located in the melt shop at the Koppel mill.

“With the lines back up and running, it allows our Koppel steel shop, our seamless mill in Ambridge, Pa., and our finishing operations at Brookfield, Ohio, to more effectively process pipe and completes the management of goods in our northeast circuit,” said Luca Zanotti, Tenaris US president. 

Tenaris has been increasing and restarting production at its Bay City, Houston, Baytown and Conroe, Texas, facilities, as well as operations in Koppel, Ambridge and Brookfield. By the end of 2022, the company expects to hire an additional 700 employees as part of its U.S. ramp-up.