SECO/WARWICK received an equipment order from Aalberts Surface Technologies for its hardening plant in Dzierżoniów, Poland. SECO/WARWICK will deliver a two-chamber atmosphere furnace, tempering furnace, endothermic atmosphere generator, and loading and unloading devices along with the auxiliary infrastructure. The AFT-type atmosphere furnace is intended for carburizing, hardening, nitrocarburizing and annealing. It is suited for manufacturing various transmission components. According to Aalberts, the new equipment will increase its capacity in Dzierżoniów and allow the company to expand its business to other eastern European countries.

Aalberts Surface Technologies already owns nine SECO/WARWICK furnaces, and this contract is the third one associated with the expansion of the machinery base in Dzierżoniów. The company previously purchased Vector vacuum furnaces, a three-chamber CaseMaster Evolution-T vacuum furnace and a furnace operating under high vacuum with an all-metal heating chamber.