Sulzer opened a laser metal deposition (LMD) facility at its Houston Service Center in La Porte, Texas. The advanced additive-manufacturing process will provide multiple benefits for the company’s turbomachinery repair and upgrade projects. Sulzer’s HICoat Division will offer LMD services for a range of materials. According to Sulzer, LMD creates a metallurgical bond that ensures excellent bonding with parent materials and increased consistency of material density, which is ideal for challenging rotor or shaft repairs.

In the past, customers requiring turbine repairs would rely on either thermal spray or submerged-arc welding. LMD fills the gap between these two solutions, allowing Sulzer to overcome traditional limitations regarding processing time, heat input, bond strength and material buildup. The process also reduces dilution and distortion while almost eliminating any requirement for post-weld heat-treatment procedures.

According to Sulzer, a provider of service for the maintenance and upgrade of turbomachinery, adding the LMD facility to its Houston Service Center will enhance quality and reduce lead times.