SECO/VACUUM, a SECO/WARWICK Group company, sold 11 vacuum furnaces to an extrusion die maker with operations in Canada, Mexico and the United States. The order consisted of four single-chamber gas-quench vacuum furnaces, six tempering furnaces and one pit-type gas nitriding furnace. The facility in Mexico will benefit from brand-new heat-treating capacity, while the U.S. and Canada plants will be upgraded with new vacuum heat-treating technology – in one case replacing legacy fluidized-bed operations. Each site will also receive upgrades to its water-cooling and gas-distribution systems with a full turnkey system installation.

According to SECO/VACUUM, this is the biggest deal it has made with a single customer since the division began in 2017. Vector single-chamber high-pressure gas-quench (HPGQ) furnaces can meet the needs of the many jobs in-house heat-treating operations routinely perform. ZeroFlow gas nitriding furnaces use only ammonia as a process gas to deliver precision nitriding potential with minimal gas emissions for clean and consistent results.