Solar Atmospheres of California (SCA) added a small vacuum furnace to support its research-and-development and additive-manufacturing projects. Procured from Solar Manufacturing, SCA’s furnace manufacturing sister facility in Sellersville, Pa., the furnace was specifically designed to process a variety of materials between 600-2400°F (+/-10°F) in both vacuum and/or partial-pressure environments. Precise cooling capability up to 2-Bar in argon, nitrogen or helium is available with a maximum operating temperature of 2650°F (1455°C). The furnace is also equipped with the SolarVac Polaris control system for optimum performance and precise cycle control. 

“The additive-manufacturing industry continues to grow, and this new furnace will allow SCA to respond to small builds and research-and-development projects quickly and precisely,” said Derek Dennis, SCA president. “SCA has plans to add additional equipment in the future to ensure that we have the capacity available to handle the rebounding industry post-COVID.”