SECO/WARWICK received an order for a vacuum furnace with vertical insertion of loads from a manufacturer of feed machinery and contractor for agricultural engineering projects in India. The furnace will be used in the production of ring dies and rollers for palletizing equipment. These parts are used in many common large-dimension agricultural machines. The vacuum unit, which has a gross load weight 5,510 pounds (2,500 kg) of and workspace dimensions of 59-98 inches (1,500 x 2,500 mm), will also be used for commercial heat treatment of tools steels – mainly carburizing, hardening and tempering.

The Vector will allow the manufacturer to minimize distortion in the production process, and the vertical workspace enables processing of long workpieces. It is also fitted with a turning hearth in order to turn the load during cooling. With the directional cooling system controlled using a variable-frequency drive, the workpieces will be evenly subjected to thermal processes. The furnace enables low-pressure carburizing (LPC), gas quenching up to 15 bar and tempering in a single process.