German companies PEER Energy GmbH and Schwing Technologies GmbH signed a long-term cooperation agreement to develop and market fluidized-bed technology for the heat treatment of metal components. The partnership between the two companies focuses on combining quenching processes with fluidized-bed technology. It includes research results and developments of heat-transfer rates. The application focus is on faster and more uniform heating and cooling processes for metal parts, with the aim of conserving resources and further reducing unit costs.

By means of heat treatment, the mechanical properties of conventionally or additively manufactured components are adapted to their static or dynamic application requirements. In this context, proven and established fluidized-bed technology is known for its superior temperature uniformity, robustness and flexibility.

According to PEER Energy, the companies want to open up opportunities in new heat-treatment markets. Schwing Technologies plans to make use of PEER Energy’s knowledge and experience to design heat-treatment lines and jointly develop new processes.