Equipment Controls Company (ECCO) was founded in 1965 as a distributor of liquid measurement control systems for Rockwell. Over the years, the Norcross, Ga.-based company has expanded its product lines to include manufacturers such as Pietro Fiorentini, Sensus, Romet, Sensis and EAGLE Research.

ECCO, which currently has 53 employees, is one of the largest North American distributors of gas measurement products, gas control products and data acquisition products. These include natural gas pressure regulators, flow meters, pressure gauges and related accessories for the industrial, commercial, OEM and heat-treatment markets.

IHEA’s newest member offers a wide selection of products and sizing assistance, as well as certified calibration services to factory standards, troubleshooting and technical support. ECCO has a complete inventory of parts and products available for same-day shipping.

ECCO’s gas utility division supplies utility companies, municipalities, local distribution companies and transmission. The ISI division provides products specific to natural gas control, distribution and measurement, as well as products and support for the thermal-processing market. In addition, the company recently expanded its thermal-processing division to meet growing industry demand. The addition of a sales office and warehouse in Sandy, Utah, allows ECCO to service and support customers across the country.

ECCO distributes a wide range of products, but there are two that stand out as its most prolific. Pietro Fiorentini’s Zero Governor F3Z series is designed to comply with the ANSI Z21.8 standard. This family of regulators is ideal for all burner installations, nozzle mixers, mixing tees and proportional pre-mixers. Their function is to regulate pressure and maintain constant air/gas ratio. Pietro Fiorentini’s Dival 500 direct-acting gas pressure regulator is a series of spring-loaded, diaphragm-controlled balanced plug gas regulators that are suitable for low, medium and high pressure. Dival shut-off device series regulators are supplied with internal sensing lines. Both the regulator and the shut-off device are pre-set for optional connection to an external sensing line by the customer. They are widely used in industrial installations using natural gas, LPG and other non-corrosive gases.

Although ECCO is a product distributor first, the company prides itself on being a full-service supplier. This means offering top-notch technical support and on-site support to customers. In fact, ECCO is continuing its commitment to providing exceptional service by developing industry-specific training throughout all market segments.

ECCO’s growth over the past 65 years can be attributed to providing complete customer satisfaction with professionalism, high ethical standards and exceptional product knowledge.

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