An international aircraft controls manufacturer ordered a low-temperature vacuum furnace from SECO/VACUUM, a SECO/WARWICK Group brand, for tempering, aging and other processes. The furnace will ensure bright part surfaces after treatment in lower temperatures. It is designed to operate up to 1380°F (750°C) with work-zone dimensions of 24 x 24 x 36 inches and a load capacity 1,750 pounds. The furnace meets class 2 TUS requirements per AMS 2750F and is capable of nitrogen convection heating and cooling. This is the fifth vacuum furnace supplied by SECO/WARWICK Group to this company, which operates multiple facilities in the United States and Asia.

The furnace can realize low-temperature processes under vacuum and in nitrogen convection. Cooling – the final stage of every heat-treat cycle – is completed using an internal recirculation blower and an internal, water-cooled heat exchanger.

In addition to the new vacuum tempering furnace, this aircraft component OEM also operates two different types of multi-chamber vacuum furnaces supplied by SECO/WARWICK and a single-chamber high-pressure gas-quench Vector vacuum furnace delivered in 2019.