Lucifer Furnaces shipped a seventh dual-chamber furnace to a U.S. auto manufacturer. Each chamber measures 24 inches high x 24 inches wide x 36 inches long.  The upper hardening chamber heats with 45 kW of power to banks of elements on the sides, door and back. The heating elements are designed with heavy-gauge wire mounted in removable holders. The upper chamber’s cast hearth plates support the workload and can be easily replaced without disturbing the heating elements. The lower tempering oven has 20 kW of power and includes a stainless steel liner that shields heating elements from the workload. 

The furnace was customized with a free-standing control panel providing the ability to separate control operation from the furnace environment. Each chamber has been outfitted with Honeywell multi-program controllers with a high-limit backup controller to prevent temperature excursion events.