The Plibrico Company, a supplier of monolithic refractories and construction services, completed the acquisition of Redline Industries Inc. Chicago-based Redline Industries supplies low-cement refractory castables and gun mixes. Redline refractories are engineered to safeguard furnaces in the high-temperature processing of nonferrous metals, such as aluminum, as well as prevent furnace heat loss to promote greater energy efficiency. Plibrico will continue to manufacture Redline refractories to their current specifications and promote the Redline brand within Plibrico’s product portfolio.

“We believe this acquisition will provide customers with more choices as we leverage our complementary technologies and our core competencies in customer care, product development and manufacturing,” said Brad Taylor, Plibrico president and CEO. “The transaction allows Plibrico to offer an expanded product line that includes alternative technologies for customers to choose from for optimal results.”