SECO/WARWICK will supply an electric mesh-belt furnace to bolt manufacturer Solvera Gawel Technology S.A. The line is designed mainly for carbonitriding and hardening processes and for washing and tempering of high-quality screws and other hardware manufactured near Rzeszów, Poland. The process line, which will be delivered in 2022, will be adapted for operating with endothermic atmosphere supplied from an external endothermic generator. It will consist of a loading module equipped with a weighing system, a main furnace, oil bath (for hardening the workpieces), and vibration and reloading tables. After the hardening process, the workpieces are transferred to a drum washer where they are washed, rinsed and dried.

SECO/WARWICK also received an order for a retort tempering furnace with vacuum purging from voestalpine High Performance Metals Polska. The furnace, which will complete a production line installed at the company’s facility near Warsaw, will be used for tempering tool steel after the gas-quenching process. The line includes a hardening furnace and a tempering furnace previously delivered by SECO/WARWICK. The new retort tempering furnace will significantly increase the hardening plant’s capacity.