Wisconsin Oven shipped an electrically heated horizontal quench system to the defense industry. It will be used for the solution treatment and aging of aluminum. The maximum temperature for this oven is 1100°F, and the normal operating temperature is 985°F. The overall dimensions are 14 feet, 6 inches wide x 17 feet, 6 inches high x 27 feet long, while the interior chamber dimensions are 7 feet wide x 3 feet, 6 inches high x 3 feet long. The system, which has a maximum 7-second quench delay, proved to be in compliance with AMS 2750F pyrometry requirements for class 2 furnaces prior to and after shipment from Wisconsin Oven’s manufacturing facility in East Troy, Wis.

The system also includes a digital Eurotherm 6180A touchscreen recorder with batch functionality. A lift system is utilized for manual loading and unloading to and from the quench tank.