U.K.-based Wallwork Group invested approximately $900,000 to purchase two Rübig plasma nitriding furnaces for the heat treatment of new and replacement components in the aerospace and automotive industries. The first furnace is scheduled to be installed in Wallwork’s Cambridge plasma nitriding center in August. The company is also adding a dedicated area for inspection of case depth, structure and other quality aspects of the nitriding process at the facility, which will have six operational plasma nitriders.

The Micropuls Everest offers several advantages, including three heating and cooling zones with the temperature measured directly at the component. A blast chiller shortens process times, while optimized filling and increased energy efficiency reduce running costs. In the Rübig nitrider, molecular nitrogen is cracked in plasma to obtain active nitrogen, which then penetrates the component’s surface. The process meets differing needs because the depth and properties of the case-hardened layer can be finely controlled.

Cambridge, which is also Wallwork’s center for advanced PVD coating technology, gives customers access to both plasma nitriding and coatings under one roof.