I wrote in my April column about how much has changed in the past year, focusing mainly on what has taken place at Industrial Heating. I hate to repeat myself, but here we go again. For the first time in 30 years, our annual Buyers Guide will not be published in print.

In July, Industrial Heating is publishing our first Directories eBook, which includes ALL of our directories in one convenient location: March’s Commercial Heat Treaters Directory, April’s Aftermarket Directory, July’s Buyers Guide (Manufacturers and Products) and November’s Materials Characterization & Testing Buyers Guide. All of these directories are located on our website. The Directories eBook will be deployed via email several times to keep you up to date with the latest information from all of our trusted suppliers.

Despite the new format, the Buyers Guide itself has remained exactly the same. It was launched three decades ago to help our readers make better and more informed purchasing decisions. That is still the case today. We do this by compiling the thermal-processing industry’s leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers and providing a way for readers to contact them.

The Products Directory is still broken down into four main categories for convenience: Furnaces, Ovens & Kilns; Components, Supplies & Materials; Refractories & Insulation; and Controls, Instrumentation & Test Equipment. When searching online, simply find the piece of equipment or service you’re looking for, and the companies that supply it are listed. Click on the company name to see all of its contact information. If you want to search out a specific company, you can easily do that as well.

The Commercial Heat Treaters Directory, Aftermarket Directory and Materials Characterization & Testing Directory all work the same way.

The world we live in has changed a lot in the past 30 years, and seemingly everything is going digital these days. Industrial Heating may be changing with the times, but our content – and mission – is still the same.


Upcoming Live Events


The COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of industry events on hold over the past 16 months or so. Some were cancelled, while many more went to a virtual format. Thankfully, the days of going to a conference via your laptop appears to be over because many events are shifting back to a live, in-person format. Here are a few upcoming trade shows that might be of interest.


Heat Treat 2021

Held Sept. 14-16 in St. Louis, the biannual Heat Treating Society Conference and Exposition promises approximately 200 exhibitors and more than 100 technical presentations. This year’s event is co-located with IMAT (International Materials, Applications and Technologies) 2021 and Motion + Power Technology (MPT) Expo 2021.



MS&T 2021

The Materials Science & Technology (MS&T) technical meeting and exhibition is a long-standing, recognized forum for fostering technical innovation at the intersection of materials science, engineering and application. At MS&T, held Oct. 17-21 in Columbus, Ohio, you can learn from those who are on the cutting edge of their disciplines and share your work with the leading minds in your field.



Forge Fair 2021

Held Oct. 26-28 in Detroit, Forge Fair 2021 is the forging industry’s leading trade show. Attendees can visit with exhibiting companies (which include equipment and materials suppliers and producers of forgings) and connect with executives, plant managers, engineers, maintenance supervisors and operations personnel.