A. Benevenuta & C. S.p.a. ordered a 2,500-ton mechanical forging press from Farina, a Schuler affiliate. The company produces hot-forged steel components for the automotive industry near Turin, Italy. The parts are used in suspension systems, transmissions, engines and brakes in passenger cars, tractors, trucks and earth-moving machinery. The press force of the Benevenuta production lines ranges from 1,200 to 2,500 metric tons.

With conventional hot forging presses, a large portion of the energy is converted into heat and dissipates into the environment by the flywheel during the clutch and braking process. With Farina’s kinetic-energy recovering system (KERS), however, a switch on the auxiliary drive starts the cycle and takes the strain off the clutch so that the total energy from the flywheel can be used for the forging process.