SECO/WARWICK will deliver a Vector vacuum furnace to the manufacturer of circulation and collection coins in Egypt. The National Mint of Egypt is the seventh mint in the world (others include Brazil, Canada, China, Poland and Turkey) to order a furnace from SECO/WARWICK. The Vector vacuum furnace with 15-bar high-pressure gas quenching is suited for the operating performance requirements of mints. It enables quick heat treatment with a working space that is optimum for circulating and collection coins, embossing dies, medals and special orders. The furnace will be used mainly for producing collection seals.

Vector vacuum furnaces ensure powerful, uniform gas cooling, which guarantees the high hardness and durability of mint tools. The high quality of mint punches and other products is guaranteed by the high-purity vacuum atmosphere. The parameters of the equipment purchased by the National Mint of Egypt are very similar to the equipment delivered by SECO/WARWICK last year to the Mint of Poland.