Steel production started up at Tenaris’ first U.S. melt shop in Koppel, Pa. The facility, part of the company’s strategic acquisition of IPSCO in 2020, began producing steel bars following a year-long investment of more than $15 million in upgrades. It will soon supply steel bars for Tenaris’ seamless pipe mills in the U.S. and Canada. The investments included expansion of the mill’s capabilities to produce a wider range of steel bars. This work entailed new design and install of molds for the caster, where the liquid steel is solidified, and other structural reinforcements. The Koppel facility is expected to be fully commissioned by end of summer.

Improvements also included an overhaul of the existing cranes in the mill as well as the addition of new cranes to transfer scrap metal to the furnaces, the integration of a new production management system and additional automation upgrades.