SECO/WARWICK will deliver two vacuum furnaces to Flansch-Tech, a specialist in aluminum and steel forging, in Budapest. According to SECO/WARWICK, one of the vacuum furnaces will be the largest in Hungary. The Vector with horizontal charge loading is equipped with a 15-bar nitrogen cooling gas-pressure system and a production work area of 900 mm wide x 900 mm high x 1,200 mm long). It will be used for the heat treatment of tool steels – mostly dedicated to hardening and tempering – and will allow Flansch-Tech to process larger parts.

SECO/WARWICK will also supply a tempering furnace with horizontal charge loading, a vacuum rinse before the start of the heating process (vacuum purging) and a work area of 600 mm wide x 600 mm high x 900 mm long. This vacuum technology uses a system ideal for tempering.

According to Flansch-Tech, the furnaces will allow the company to control its heat-treat processes in regard to time and quality. Until this order, the company outsourced its heat-treat services.

The Vector is equipped with a directional quenching option, which allows the system to change the direction of the flow of the nitrogen cooling gas. The flow direction can be 360 degrees, from the sides or vertically. The furnace’s gas blower is controlled by a 400-kW frequency drive, which allows for a programmable cooling rate controlled through either the furnace or load temperature.