Quintus Technologies received an order from China’s Tiangong International Company Ltd., the country’s largest producer of tool-and-die steel, for a hot isostatic press (HIP). The order marks the success of the company’s powder-metallurgy manufacturing program launched three years ago. Tiangong is expanding capacity and boosting productivity with the HIP, which is scheduled to be installed and put into service in August 2022 at its manufacturing facility in Danyang City, Jiangsu province. The press has a high-capacity work zone of 1,190 mm (46.8 inches) in diameter and 2,600 mm (102.4 inches) in height. It operates at a maximum temperature of 2552°F (1400°C) and a maximum pressure of 2,070 bar (30,000 psi).

The HIP is equipped with Quintus’ proprietary uniform rapid cooling (URC) technology. Fan-assisted temperature uniformity and distribution combined with controlled heating and cooling enable a consistent process. Accelerated cooling under pressure minimizes thermal distortion and improves material properties. Tiangong produces high-speed steel with high ductility and wear resistance for the tool-and-die industry.