L&L Special Furnace Co. shipped a floor-standing box furnace to an optical laboratory located in the northeastern United States. The furnace, the company’s second from L&L Special Furnace, will be used for heat treating ceramics. It has an effective work zone of 34 inches wide x 30 inches high x 32 inches deep and includes a double-pivot horizontal door. The ceramic hearth is supported on lightweight castable piers, and a series of heat shields are included to ensure a safe case temperature while at operating temperatures. The furnace is designed for use with inert blanketing gas for atmosphere control to minimize oxidization, and a manual flow panel with regulator and flow meter is included.

The furnace has a stack light mounted to the top of the control panel for an audible and visual indication of current furnace status. Solid-state relays drive the furnace, which is NFPA 86-compliant. Start-up and training packages are included to help the company set up the furnace and process.