SECO/WARWICK delivered a controlled-atmosphere brazing (CAB) line to a British manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers. The system will allow the company to expand its range of sizes and dimensions of aluminum heat exchangers that can be brazed using CAB technology. The CAB line includes an Active Only semi-continuous furnace, which is comprised of a dryer, purging chamber, convection-heated brazing furnace, protective-atmosphere cooling chamber and a final cooling chamber. This will be complemented by an integrated system for loading, sequencing, stacking, transferring and unloading the work in progress.

The Active Only furnace facilitates the brazing process of various sizes of heat exchangers. It can be heated up to brazing temperature from ambient temperature, and the appropriate atmosphere can be ensured in a very short time. The semi-continuous system allows variable heating and cooling rates depending on the cycle and needs. The semi-continuous operation mode ensures uniform heating even of oversized pieces due to the rapid transfer between cold and hot zones.