GKN Powder Metallurgy launched a dedicated green hydrogen unit, GKN Hydrogen, on May 11 with a virtual market launch event. GKN Hydrogen is pioneering emission-free, safe and compact all-in-one renewable-energy storage solutions to drive global energy transition. The company’s secure systems generate green hydrogen from fluctuating renewable energy sources, storing it compactly and safely in metal hydride over long periods of time. When needed, the green hydrogen can be used directly or converted back into electricity and heat for a range of applications. The scalable system design allows for maximum versatility, from emergency power backup and off-grid energy supply to maritime transport and large-scale industry.

GKN Powder Metallurgy provides powder-metal solutions, from advanced metal powders to high-performance sinter-metal components. GKN Hydrogen is the company’s second business unit to focus on innovative technologies alongside GKN Additive.