SECO/WARWICK will deliver a vacuum furnace to SonFlow’s facility in Kolding, Denmark. The furnace is designed for copper brazing of large-dimension plate heat exchangers for industrial, HVAC and offshore applications. A work area of 35.5 x 35.5 x 47 inches (900 x 900 x 1,200 mm) will enable the SonFlow plant to perform in-house brazing without the need to outsource work to third parties. A graphite chamber ensures power savings, and shortened cycle times are guaranteed due to the vacuum level of 10-3 mbar. As part of the contract, SECO/WARWICK also designed the external water-cooling system. This portion of the project will use SonFlow’s pumps and heat exchangers for fabrication.

SonFlow is known mostly for the manufacture of high-capacity industrial pumps. The company is now expanding into the manufacture of plate heat exchangers. This provided the incentive for the plant to purchase a furnace that will satisfy the current production challenges associated with the brazing process.