The intelligence-sharing alliance known as Five Eyes should forge ties with Greenland to boost supplies of critical minerals and cut dependence on China, according to a report from the Polar Research and Policy Initiative (PRPI). Five Eyes includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand the United Kingdom and the United States.

Greenland has huge deposits of rare earths, a set of 17 minerals used in applications from electric vehicles to defense goods, says the PRPI. China currently controls about 90% of the supply of rare earths. It is natural for the Five Eyes to target Greenland for its mining and rare-earth potential because two-thirds of the 41 license holders in Greenland’s mining sector were linked to the U.K., Canada and Australia, the report added.

Five Eyes should expand its framework to include “resource intelligence, technical collaboration, major project financing and supply-chain integration for minerals and materials critically important to national and economic security,” the report said.