Thermal-Vac Technology recently partnered with Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems to add precision gas nitriding and FNC capabilities at its facility in Orange, Calif. Gasbarre will supply an electrically heated furnace that is capable of processing workloads 48 inches wide x 72 inches long x 40 inches high and weigh up to 7,000 pounds. It utilizes Super Systems Inc. controls for automatic KN and KC control to AMS 2759/10 and 2759/12 specifications. The furnace is designed to meet AMS 2750F as a Class 2 furnace, which allows it to perform nitrogen tempering and stress-relieving processes.

For cycle-time improvements and consistent process control, the furnace is equipped with a vacuum pump for purging processes, pre- and post-oxidation capabilities, and accelerated air and atmosphere cooling systems. It also has an ammonia dissociator to achieve zero white-layer processes. The furnace will be installed in a newly constructed building across the street from Thermal-Vac’s long-standing headquarters.

“Adding a new piece of equipment to our shop is always a big process,” said Heather Falcone, CEO of Thermal-Vac. “We’re thrilled to bring the capabilities of the Gasbarre nitrider to our customers. It’s going to be a game-changer for them.”