TAV Vacuum Furnaces manufactured a vertical high-vacuum furnace for one of Asia’s leading aerospace companies. The bottom-loading furnace offers an advanced solution for heat-treatment and brazing processes and can process aerospace materials such as titanium alloys and superalloys. It has useful dimensions of 1,500 mm diameter x 2,600 mm high (59 x 102 inches) with a maximum gross charge of 5,510 pounds (2,500 kg) and a maximum operating temperature of 2192°F (1200°C).

The heating chamber has an all-metal hot zone consisting of multiple radiation shields, double-grooved heating elements and a hearth for support of the workload. The entire system is specifically designed to ensure optimized temperature uniformity and minimize distortion of the elements during operation. A closed-loop argon gas cooling system combines high flow capacity and high pressure to guarantee fast and uniform cooling of the load. A variable-frequency inverter allows fine regulation of the cooling speed. A SCADA system provides comprehensive monitoring and control of the furnace, and the control system is Nadcap- and AMS 2750F-compliant. 

The new furnace will join the company’s existing TAV vertical high-vacuum furnace, which was installed and commissioned several years ago at the same site and still operates on a daily basis.