TAV Vacuum Furnaces, together with its U.S. group company Furnacare Inc., supplied a horizontal vacuum brazing furnace to a U.S.-based engineering company that specializes in a wide range of brazing services. The furnace, which has useful dimensions of 48 inches wide x 30 inches high x 48 inches deep, offers an advanced solution for high-vacuum brazing of aluminum components. It has a maximum operating temperature of 1150°F (621°C) and a maximum gross charge of 500 pounds.

The thermal chamber has a square section and wide-surface Ni-Cr heating elements connected to high-power transformers. The power is controlled through thyristor controllers (SCR). The system allows fast, uniform and precisely controlled heating of the load. The furnace meets the requirements of NFPA 70 – National Electric Code, NFPA – Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery and NFPA 86D – Standard for Industrial Furnaces Using Vacuum as an Atmosphere.