I wanted to use this month’s column to update readers on a few newsworthy things. First and most obvious is our new look. With our change to digital-only, this new platform provides a much more interactive experience. You will notice that articles and columns are on a single page, and you simply scroll down. Like any change, it may take a few issues to get used to it, but we trust that you will come to appreciate this new user experience.

For those of you who may be having Heat Treat Doctor withdrawal, I point you back to the February issue. Dan Herring was interviewed in one of the feature articles. I also interviewed Dan in a February podcast. Speaking of Herring podcasts, check out all of the IH Monthly Rx podcasts on our website. Dan and I discuss pertinent heat-treating topics in each podcast. As a side comment, Industrial Heating practically invented the podcast in our market almost a decade ago.


COVID-19 continues to affect plans for conferences and shows in 2021. Here are some industry examples, providing the start dates only. Instead of changing their date, TMS 2021 will be a virtual event on March 15. RAPID + TCT was moved from April 26 to September 13.

Four different May shows have been moved to new dates later in the year. AISTech has gone from May 3 to June 29, and Interwire moved from May 10 to October 26. Forge Fair moved from May 18 to October 26, and Aluminium 2021 moved from May 18 to September 28.

You will want to check out our articles this month for lots of good information. One article addresses changes to AMS 2750, which most of us have a need to know. The DOE continues to supply interesting and educational articles in 2021. You will also enjoy the heat-treat discussion about items that we use every day. There is something for everyone in this issue – from the very technical to the very practical.

The new administration here in the U.S. is also newsworthy for our industry. I will let you explore specifics for yourself, but recent executive actions have had direct and indirect impacts on our industry in just the first month. Two examples are killing the Keystone Pipeline (a direct impact) and rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, which is more indirect but could result in direct future impact to our industry. I urge you to keep an eye on these overarching decisions and take appropriate actions if you feel the executive branch is not serving your company’s needs.

We look forward to the beginning of spring this month and the promise of warmer weather ahead. Winter has been a bit more brutal to us than normal (he says while staring at 6 inches of new-fallen snow), and we will be happy to kiss it goodbye. Stay safe and healthy!