The addition of a hydroform deep-draw press from Quintus Technologies brings increased capacity, flexibility and production efficiencies to aerospace parts manufacturer Aeroforma Technologies. Installed at the company’s facility in Cheltenham, United Kingdom, the press uses hydraulic pressure up to 11,600 psi to form parts in a variety of shapes, thicknesses and tough materials. Proprietary flexible-forming technology enables the press to perform four forming operations in a single machine. In addition to block tool forming, cavity tool forming and expansion forming, it is also equipped with a movable punch forming system for deep drawing of intricate shapes.

The press is equipped with two forming stations. One is the deep draw, which offers a maximum blank diameter of 43.1 inches (1,095 mm) and maximum draw depth of 10 inches (254 mm). The second forming station accommodates block tool, cavity tool and expansion tool forming.

The Quintus Flexform process utilizes a combination of a single rigid tool half operating in conjunction with a flexible rubber diaphragm subjected to high hydraulic pressure to form sheet-metal parts with great accuracy and repeatability. This process produces high-quality parts in complex shapes and tough alloys and at tight tolerances.