Refractory Sheet Type RS-1200 is a high-strength composite designed for use as thermomechanical and electrical insulation in applications with temperatures as high as 2372°F (1300°C). RS-1200 is a combination of strong reinforcing fibers tightly bound in an alumina ceramic matrix. It is completely inorganic and contains no asbestos or RCF fibers. It also exhibits greater homogeneity than other reinforced alumina-matrix composite products and can be readily machined to tight tolerances with conventional carbide tooling. RS-1200 can be used in industrial applications such as induction-coil support posts and coil liners, furnace tops, and front and back plates and bases. Other suggested applications are terminal blocks and supports for electrical resistor grids. RS-1200 can also be useful as hot-face structural insulation in annealing furnaces.