The MWIR-B-640 mid-wavelength borescope is designed for furnace applications. It enables highly accurate and fully radiometric temperature measurement image data to be taken, stored and trended over the lifetime of the furnace, providing a continuous and clear view – even through heavy smoke and hot atmospheres. The borescope is suitable for use in heat-treatment furnaces; reheat and annealing furnaces; biomass, waste and coal boilers; and incinerators. It includes advanced spectral filtering and a high thermal and spatial resolution to deliver clear live images of the furnace with more than 300,000 accurate point temperatures measuring in the range of 572-2192°F (300-1200°C) and 932-3272°F (500-1800°C). The high-resolution image of the MWIR-B-640, combined with a 90-degree wide-angle field of view, allows multiple areas to be imaged and measured simultaneously. With the wide-angle view into the furnace, image data can be viewed in real-time from the safety of the control room. With only a small opening in the wall, the borescope can accurately profile the temperature of the entire furnace without affecting the furnace atmosphere, the stock temperature or energy consumption.