As part of its global initiative to increase overall efficiency and better fulfill customers’ needs, international technology group Andritz announced the following changes in corporate structure:

  • Andritz Asko Inc., Andritz Asko BV, Andritz Herr-Voss Stamco Inc. and Andritz Metals Inc. have merged to form Andritz Metals USA Inc., a new legal entity. Andritz Metals USA is headquartered in Callery, Pa., and maintains locations in Ambridge, Pa; Canonsburg, Pa.; Conway, Pa.; Homestead, Pa.; Novi, Mich.; Rockhill, S.C.; Chesterton, Ind.; South Holland, Ill.; and Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Andritz Sundwig GmbH has been renamed Andritz Metals Germany GmbH. In the next few months, Andritz Maerz GmbH and Andritz FBB GmbH will merge with Andritz Metals Germany GmbH, which is the absorbing entity. Andritz Metals Germany is headquartered in Hemer, with additional locations planned for Krefeld and Windeck.
  • Andritz Selas SAS has been renamed Andritz Metals France SAS and operates locations in Asnières-sur-Seine, France, and Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The newly formed companies continue to offer the comprehensive portfolio of products and services of Andritz Metals. There is neither a change in the source of the Andritz products and services nor in the contact persons who deal with customer requests.