Designed for use by the steel, metals, industrial furnace and ceramic industries, versatile PSC-55N series pyrometers are ideal for precise temperature measurements from 392-5432°F (200-3000°C) and operate in the shortwave spectral range with fast, adjustable response time of 5 milliseconds to reduce or compensate for changes in target or surface emissivity. Three sighting methods for precision aiming are available: through-lens sighting, an integrated red laser aiming light or color video. The video version is recommended for remote real-time viewing via a video monitor in a control room or laboratory. The video camera also facilitates installation in difficult conditions when the pyrometer is hard to reach or the measured area is not easily accessible. There are four high-resolution (up to 300:1) fixed-focus optics selections to choose from. The PSC-55N features a programmable interactive menu/display with push buttons on the rear panel for adjustment of the IR sensor parameters: ratio correction, emissivity, sub-temperature range, built-in alarm, response time, peak picker and others.