The TSX SmartBurner for reheating furnaces is ready to be installed in industrial plants with potentially zero carbon dioxide emissions, working in a full range of hydrogen and natural gas mixtures. The system allows users to maintain NOx emissions well below the strictest limits while maintaining optimal heat-transfer uniformity within the furnace. The quantity of hydrogen can be regulated through the burner control logic, allowing steel producers to adapt the fuel mixture to contingent needs without any mechanical intervention. The hydrogen flameless combustion system is equipped with the novel Smart Burner Monitoring System (SBMS), which monitors and optimizes the burner’s performance, operation and maintenance thanks to a network of embedded sensors connected to the Tenova Digital infrastructure through secure connection protocols and intrinsic system reliability. The data collected are post-processed locally on an edge computing unit and remotely on Tenova Cloud to monitor the status of the burner and implement breakthrough approaches to inspection, maintenance and tuning.