In addition to a cross-shaped sighting laser, the CSvideo 3M pyrometer has an integrated video camera. This allows the measuring field to be targeted very precisely even if the measured object is in an area that is difficult to access. The CSvideo 3M is connected to a USB interface on a laptop or PC using an adapter cable. The Compact Connect software installed there shows the video image of the integrated camera in addition to the temperature-time diagram. Using the rotary knob on the back, the optics can then be focused very easily and optimally aligned with the measured object. All other settings can also be made in the software. The CSvideo 3M is suited for measurement of metals or composite materials, with measuring ranges from 122-752°F (50-400°C) or 212-1112°F (100-600°C). A built-in trigger function allows the recording of time- or temperature-dependent snapshots.