L&L Special Furnace Co. shipped a front-loading box furnace to an aerospace manufacturer located in the southeastern United States. The state-of-the-art-facility will be opening soon, and it will be a central part of a heat-treating center for aerospace and military components. The highly uniform furnace has working dimensions of 60 inches wide x 60 inches high x 60 inches deep. There are a series of castable piers and an alloy grid that supply a very stable work platform for various part sizes and configurations.

The furnace has a high-convection, air-cooled fan for air circulation and excellent uniformity at low temperatures. It was surveyed for performance prior to shipping and obtained certified temperature uniformity of ±10°F from 500°F to 2000°F. A venturi cooling system aids in the cooling of the furnace interior, and an external modulating case-cooling blower provides fresh air intake to keep the furnace case temperature low during operation.

A manual 2,000-pound loader with rails and incorporated stops allows the furnace to be easily loaded and unloaded. The loader moves on two low-profile rails and is indexed to the furnace front. Positive stops keep the furnace loader in line and prevents accidental impact with the rear or sides of the furnace.

The furnace was designed, built, assembled and tested at L&L Special Furnace’s manufacturing facility located just south of Philadelphia, Pa.