If you’re at all like me, you wonder which articles get the most attention on our website. Every year we publish around 45 feature articles, and at the end of the year we gather statistics to see which ones get the most page views. So, without further ado, here are the five most-viewed articles on www.industrialheating.com based on page views. This ranking applies only to articles published in 2020.


5. Influence of Tempering Parameters on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties of Low-Alloy PM Steels

Tempering occurs by heating the steel to below its critical temperature in order to transform the metastable body-centered tetragonal martensite structure that is formed during quenching into a more stable structure of fine carbide particles. Choosing the correct tempering parameters is critical to achieving the desired balance of properties.

Published in May, this article was provided by Bo Hu, Amber Tims and Roland Warzel III of North American Höganäs and Bob Aleksivich of Vision Quality Components.


4. Aluminum Brazing Challenges

Dan Kay is a frequent contributor to Industrial Heating. Our resident brazing expert, he’s a blogger and occasionally writes feature articles. This article from February covers aluminum brazing, a subject Dan covers a lot in his brazing training seminars. This article discusses dealing with the oxide as well as brazing aluminum to stainless steel.

A question that is often asked during those seminars relates to the ever-present aluminum-oxide coating on the surface of the aluminum and how that can be dealt with during brazing. Because brazing filler metals (BFMs) cannot bond to oxides effectively, how then does one need to deal with this ever-present aluminum-oxide so as to be able to braze aluminum components effectively?


3. Inspection and Maintenance Critical to Safe Fuel-Train Operation

Fuel-train systems, or “valve safety trains,” are designed to safely deliver fuel to burners for the heating of boilers, dryers, process ovens, thermal oxidizers or other fuel-fired industrial equipment.

This article, also from February, was written by Robert Sanderson of Rockford Systems.


2. Technology Evolution of the Integral-Quench Furnace

Over the years, the heat-treatment industry has seen a number of truly innovative technology advancements – the oxygen probe and the adaptation of process simulators for recipe development being perhaps the most impactful to date. Now the heat-treat world is seeing another groundbreaking technological advancement, the introduction of the next generation of integral-quench furnaces.

This article, published in January, was written by longtime contributor (now retired) Dan Herring.


1. How Long Should My Thermocouple Last?

As a designer and manufacturer of thermocouples, the most commonly asked question we receive is: How long should my thermocouple last? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is quite complex and is dependent on a host of variables, not all of which may be obvious. 

This article – from Eric Yeager of Cleveland Electric Laboratories – was our runaway winner this year, garnering nearly three times the page views as our #2 article. It was published in March.